Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am a yo-gi.
I walk in slow motion,
Don't cause no commotion
In body or mind,
Of whatever I find,
Except for the occasion
When I might be raisin'
A little hell.
Oh well.
Even too much
As such
Is no moderation
At all. And it seems
I'm a woman of extremes.
But that's me
A paradoxical yo-gi.

I'm a yo-gi.
Asleep by eight.
Oh, isn't it great
To be up at four
For the pranayama I adore,
Or, at least up at six
To get my fix
And stand on my head
Instead of laying in bed
But, I can't you see
Cus I'm still awake at three
I am.
Oh, why isn't the sun
Rising at one
Just like me
The late-night yo-gi.

I am a yo- gi.
And celibacy
is the key,
To keep my mind free
Of base thoughts of the flesh,
Or of lust, or passion, or sex,
All of the above.
But keep only thoughts of love
Of the noblest kind,
Of limbs entwined...
Sigh... AAUUGH be gone from my mind!
And leave in my head
Sounds of chants instead.
But, is that really for me
This lusty yo-gi?

I'm a yo-gi.
The serious type.
Don't get off on the hype
Of fun and laughter.
It's the "other realm" that I'm after.
Don't want the distraction
Of comic interaction.
But... would it be heresy
For me to say
That the spirit within
Might observe with a grin
How I fumble and stumble so seriously
With this life so laden with glee?
Must admit to be
A cosmic/comic yo-gi.

I'm a yo-gi.
And poverty
'S not new to me.
But lately I've a yen
For a Mercedes Ben
'Z, a vacation in the sun,
Seems I'm just about done
With just getting by.
I'd rather have a high
A home
Of my own,
A bed, a T.V., a hot tub, a sauna.
I guess I don't wanna
Be poor
No more.
Just call me
An aspiring yuppie yo-gi.

(copyright Nance Thacker 1985.)
This poem was first published as Retreat Reflections of a Meandering Mind (For the unenlightened only) in the summer 1985 edition of the YOGA CENTRE OF VICTORIA NEWSLETTER.

I couldn't get this piece of "bad" poetry out of my mind today. It just demanded to be posted. Maybe it's because this time next week this yo-gi will be havin' her "vacation in the sun" with some of THE COUNCIL her non-yo-gi friends, sittin' on the beach, havin' a drink, sleepin' in - livin' the dream. So here it is with appologies to Ogden Nash (humourous poet extraordinaire) and Janis Joplin who's Mercedes Benz song (except, unlike Janis, I did and continue to, have a lot of help from my friends!!!) were sources of inspiration.

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