Thursday, January 29, 2009


As I was returning home after taking my car out for a spin – literally - sliding sideways down the road trying to avoid slamming into oncoming traffic and ever growing mounds of snow banks on either side, it dawned on me. In just a few minutes I too would join the bundled up masses of returnees chipping their way through chunks of ice and snow blocking their driveway to later sink into a hot Epsom salt bath to soothe their aching muscles.

Resigned to my fate I parked in the mall’s parking lot on the other side of my street. Weighed down with shopping bags, I climbed over the snow bank and skated across the road and lo and behold when I rounded the bank at the corner of my drive there I saw a bright shiny gift - an immaculately clear driveway.

I scrambled up the drive and into the house throwing off the bags in the hallway. “Wow! Thanks for shoveling the drive!” I shouted through to my husband sitting on the couch in the living room. You see normally I do the shoveling. Kind of enjoy it really. Except this winter’s snow displacement demands are too much for even me.

“I didn’t. As I was coming around the corner this guy in a bobcat was just backing out of our drive and took off. It was kind of odd actually.” He sounded suspicious.

Then I realized it was the snow plough guy that I’d given the Starbuck’s card to (not my VISA after all – see blogpost yoga plough Jan 19/09), for ours was the only drive to receive such attention. When I explained the situation to him he still thought it odd. But I just smiled.

And, I’m smiling now cus not only did he do this for us last night but again today and not only just for us, all of the neighbours had bright, immaculately clear drives as well.

I don’t know who this anonymous guy is; we barely exchanged a few words the other day but I wish he could know how grateful I am and what a magical gift he’s given me because life can be full of crappy news: the economy’s going down the toilet, the politicians are posturing incompetents, war goes on and on somewhere – it’s really been this way since the dawn of civilization.

But he reminded me that there are small acts of kindness happening everyday. We just don’t hear enough about them. Maybe if we did it would help to change the world. The ripples of gratitude that they create produce a lightness of spirit and a tidal wave of good will towards others. And, that’s big news!

Thanks Bobcat guy whoever you are!

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